With more than ten years experience as an interim manager, I have sufficient capabilities to manage small and middle-sized companies at my disposal and have proved my staying power through perserverance even during difficult times. Though friendly and motivated, I can be sufficiently drastic in my approach to unlock apparent deadlocks. Diplomatically avoiding conflict, I am able to effectively push rationalization programs which appear agrounded. Additionally, I am commercially minded and communicative with customers and suppliers, and with colleagues, regardless of their position in the company's heirarchy.

In the past, I have earned merits in the software- and textile industries especially, but I am not bound to any certain industry. As a business lawyer, I can accelerate an organisation with the necessary judiciousness in economical and legal matters, and without losing my focus on humaneness or my sense of humour.

For further details on my professional history, please see my biography.

I am always open to an informative conversation, you can click here for my contact data.





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