Welcome to my website!

My main intention in the making of this site, is to try to give an insight into my activities.

Godee GmbH is a consulting and management company where, although the type of industry is unimportant, the emphasis has mainly been on the IT and fashion industries. Most sought after are my fresh views on things and my substantial experience as an interim manager.

I also, within my web space limits, regularly host activities for others. This varies from downloadable files that I make available for a friend, to a whole website for a startup company.

The links on the left lead to our monumental house on Westwall as well as to a startup client that offers full pop3 accounts with more satisfactory domain names than the usual somebody@hotmail.com.

Perhaps as compensation for all the figures and SQL statements, I do a lot of photography. Sometimes it can even be used in combination with a consulting assignment. For example, if a company or product is in need of a web presence, I can step fluently from one task to the other.

A website should of course be regularly maintained yet I don't manage to maintain this one as consistently as I perhaps should: I shall do my very best though! Tips, comments or suggestions please to .

Yours faithfully,
Stephen Godee

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