On this page you will find some projects and files that I am working on or am currently interested in. I have made them temporarily available to you: you can click through those that grab your interest.


I am currently working on a website for the 'Stadtpalais' in Krefeld, Germany. The town's registry office is situated in this beautiful building which was solemnly inaugurated in 2002 after years of restoration. The site, the poster in the display in front of the building, as well as most of the pictures were created by me. We are still researching the history of the building and, on completion, you will be able to find this website at www.godee.net/palais. A part of the pictures is available at www.krefeld.de.

Architect's Office, Freie Planungsgruppe

The architects that renovated the Stadtpalais have given me the assignment of creating their website concept. You will soon be able to find it at www.freie-planungsgruppe.de.
Victor Woytowicz, director of the architect's office, has an impressive biography: he has built and restored many exclusive hotels and beautiful land houses and has an exceptional feeling for colour and shape.

Bergweg 12

Then there is the beautiful land house owned by Rob van der Camp and Ingrid Zuijdam in Hilversum. You can find it at the cosy website www.godee.net/bergweg. The site will be retracted as soon as the house is sold.


Realpop is startup that offers real pop3 email accounts. A practical solution for those who:

• do not want to have their CV (or résumé) on their employer's server
• have experienced the total loss of their mail because their provider deleted them. (Hotmail, for example, deletes all files from their servers when there was no client contact for 40 days)
• regularly move large files such as pictures with a size exceeding 1 mb or mp3s
• like to have a more fitting and personalised domain name than aol.com or earthlink.com on their business cards.

Looks like such an account will cost 1 € per month and will be available in autumn. Until then www.godee.net/realpop3 will be my guest.

Maklerbüro EZB in Düsseldorf

A starting real estate company in Düsseldorf asked me to design and construct their website. They want to offer exclusive appartments in Düsseldorf for rent and they are convinced that the average real estate website there is inadequat and want to show that they can do better. Amongst others improvements they want better pictures. Well, that's no problem! I look forward to what it will look like. As soon as there is something available you will find it here..

Location Rohema

A company located in France offering holiday homes for rent has approached me with an almost identical assignment. The foundation stone has only just been layed, so it will take a couple of months before you view the results. We are also still searching for an appropriate domain name.


If you are wondering if godee.com exists, it does: it's my brother's. I'm not exactly sure wht he is up to right now but I'm sure it will be something interesting. He moved to San Francisco a year ago to become a serious industrial designer. You can check it out at www.godee.com.


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