As a boy of twelve, I bought a Lubitel camera and ever since photography has had a hold of me. A long time ago, I attended the Dutch School of Photography though I didn't finish the course. There were days when I earned my living with photography and every now and then I will still accept an assignment.

On this page you will find some of the pictures that I recently took; I have ordered them thematically. Some of them can be enlarged (those where the cursor changes into a hand symbol), though in order to save web space for other purposes, enlargement is moderate. As usual, all photos are under copyright.

Black and white portraits:


Portraits in colour:












Children's fashion






Hussar Barracks Krefeld. Superwide angle, back to the ice stadium, trees and road are in the way. Mission impossible?

No...Succeeded by combining 10 separate shots

Preview of the restoration front

and back

Preview on the reconstruction of the Posstrasse in Krefeld:

View from the opposite site with an angle of 118º:

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