Personal data:

Born: 24.01.1958, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Address: Westwall 188, 47798 Krefeld, Germany
Phone: +49 2151 770568
Cellular: +49 172 2972006
Fax: +49 721 151 269646
Marital status : divorced, 2 children

Professional experience:

2002 to Present, Independent Management Consultant, I help my clients improve their business by advising, implementing and deploying the best IT, Internet, management reporting and product assortment solutions. I assist them in fortifying their value chain, solving legal matters and creating new sales opportunities for products and services, increasing customer satisfaction and improving internal and external business processes. Always under our ‘No Gaps’ commitment, that simply means doing whatever is necessary to achieve the targeted improvement or change

1998 - 2002 CEO, Subsidiaries of MW Holding B.V., The Netherlands.

Directed efforts of the companies, owned by MW Holding B.V. Main interests in the textile industry including spinning and weaving mills in Russia, 26 fashion and sportswear retail outlets in Ukraine and Russia. Distributing Heineken Beer in Ukraine.

Orchestrated the companies' recovery from the 1998 Russian and Ukraine economic crises and developed strategies and additional business, which caused annual revenues to grow from 30 million NLG to 60 million.

1992 - 1998 CEO, Franz Max Pauen GmbH, Germany

Founded in 1946, Franz Max Pauen GmbH is a 50-person wholesale fashion fabric company. Lead the company through the most severe textile recession (1992-1995) of the fashion industry in Germany. Growth strategy included introducing new products from Russia and Asia, thus acquiring new customers and suppliers, as well as creating and implementing an improved technical and organizational platform.

1990 - 1991 Consultant, Exact Software B.V., The Netherlands

Market leader in the Netherlands in financial and logistical software solutions. Oversaw the marketing and localization of the company's software for the targeted German market.
This included analyzing and developing solutions for all legal issues, localization, translating and adapting to specific German market demands.


1982 - 1990 University of Utrecht School of Law, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Masters Degree
Thesis: Tendering and Competition in the European Community
Internship at the EC-Info center in Nijmegen

1976 - 1980 Academy of Pedagogics, (Paedagogische Academie), Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Bachelors Degree in Education
Special interests: physics, graphics

Additional education:

1999 Legal Information Technology, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Memberships and other activities:

1996 - Present Doddendaelkring
Member of club of former students and lectors of the University of Nijmegen, who have a common interest in the business relationship between Germany and The Netherlands.

1994 - Present University of Nijmegen, Guest Lector
Faculty of languages, Germany, Postdoctoral
How can I succesfully expand my business in Germany? What are the differences in business culture between Germany and The Netherlands? What causes these differences, and which attitudes should be developed to successfully adapt to these circumstances? Those are questions that I try to resolve in my lectures.

Personal skills:

Stress proof, hands-on, problem shooter and -solver, strong negotiator.

Professional objective:

Managing and consulting companys with aggressive targets in a dynamic and demanding industry.

Special interests:

Economics, trade and business law, networking and computer programming in Visual Basic and Access, internet, data communication, developing smart IT solutions for logistical and organizational challenges.


Dutch, English, German, French, all fluent.


Sailing, music, traveling, photography and many more.


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