"Bezint aleer ge begint en al doende denk dan nog."

That's what I was frequently told as a child. It means "Reflect before you begin and keep thinking whilst doing". Unfortunately, I observe that in many consultancy processes things get stuck in reflection. There are boundless discussions and nothing tangible originates from them. Of course things must be thoroughly analyzed but for practical problems, definite solutions leading to action must arise. Taking a decision and transforming it into reality is a challenge for me and is what I am best at. Which of the favoured decisions is to be taken is often of less importance than its resulting successful implementation. Where my expertise is insufficient, I trust in the help of my network of experienced experts.

Projects where I readily assist with advice, deeds and experience are:• improving the efficiency of the enterprise workflow by adjusting the organization and/or IT. Smart logistical and stock solutions being my speciality.

• refinancing and implementing factoring solutions
• expanding turnover and developing markets; especially in Germany and Benelux
• troubleshooting and, more importantly, -solving
• assortment analyses and management reporting. Large data files are no problem for me, nor are OLAP cubes and complex cross tabs
• solving legal problems and entanglements of any kind
• tracing and eliminating financial leaks
• conception and transformation of rationalization programs
• imaging the procedures and the workflow of an entire enterprise in a company blueprint

These days, I am primarily involved with the latter and have learned that it is possible to draw a complete image of a company in an HTML file. This file is stored in PDF format or (even better) in Microsoft's HTML Editor and is an extensive document that, via a desktop icon, can be easily accessed by any designated employee. If, in the absence of an employee - or for any other reason, one needs a prompt insight into a department's workflow or the daily tasks or responsibilities of a certain employee, this is accessible within seconds. Just as when you are working with a software program and you press the 'help' button to gain information on how to proceed, there is an 'advisor' available to the whole company, a department, or a designated employee within a couple of mouse clicks. The conception starts with the explicit wording of the company's targets to point out the right direction. Then a map-out of all the tasks takes place, disentangling them in clearly defined and demarcated functions. The company has thus suddenly gained a new overview of employees' names and positions; and if a position becomes vacant, the job description can simply be copied from the company's blueprint and forwarded to human resources. The company's organigram, samples of export documents or even a copy of the company's holiday application form, as well as the skills required for each position are made readily available via the blueprint. The organisation thus gains transparency, allowing new staff to understand the company's structure more quickly and more efficiently. If the file is regularly updated with, for example, managerial decisions and changes in the workflow, there can be no more confusion about staff members' tasks and responsibilities.

If this solution has awoken your interest, we should discuss possibilities. You will find my contact information on the appropriate page of this website.


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